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NOTICE: This is a  Gameboy Advance game, meaning you need a GBA emulator (or flashcart) to play it!

A: Extend/Retract that tongue!
B: Do a cool hop! (Also, this will dislodge your tongue from whatever it's attached to, but try to focus on the cool hop. )
D Pad: Move around with style!
L/R: Rewind or step forward in time! (I ran out of jam time so I couldn't finish making puzzles around this core mechanic, but look forward to it making a much bigger splash in the full game!)
Start: Pause!

Update: Apparently I messed up how save data works, so the [Unlocked] file will automatically unlock all levels. Otherwise, the two versions are identical.

Submission for GBA Jam 2021

Environment Tiles by PondGames, all other graphics my own.


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Toadally Awesome (Jam Build).gba 941 kB
Toadally Awesome (Jam Build) [Unlocked].gba 941 kB


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Is there gonna be an update...

¿final version?

Not quite! I've been a bit busy with health issues this year and haven't made much progress, but I do still plan to expand this game. Part of that process involves rewriting the game from scratch though, as I want to switch over to using Butano so I can spend more time focusing on gameplay instead of low end stuff. I'm currently working on another GBA game for the Winter Jam, but after that ends I'll be back to work on this one!


A puzzle game thta definetly will burn your brain ! Cool !


can't wait for the full version! :)