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NOTICE: This is a  Gameboy Advance game, meaning you need a GBA emulator (or flashcart) to play it!

Place tiles down on the board to create a path to your opponent's base, then place tiles on their base to damage them. The AI is very bad so you should win easily. 

A: Confirm
B: Cancel
D Pad: Select Piece, Select Placement
L/R: Rotate Piece
L: Use Special (requires max SP)

A very very unfinished proof of concept made for GBA Winter Jam '21.  Just wanted to get something submitted before the deadline. Hopefully going to be finished early 2022.  

Also RNG is currently broken and everything is predetermined I guess idk

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Really cool concept and really well executed!


Thank you!


Your game is amazing but at the end of this video an error appears. Happy new year ! and thanks for the game squishyfrogs

Interesting, thanks for the bug report! Looks like something to do with the AI having too many tiles to process, I'll look into it.

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Thanks to you for your game. Looks and plays pretty nice. If you want another publsh, count with me ( nes.snesconnection@gmail.com ) if you wish.