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Player 1: WASD to move, Left Ctrl and Alt to attack. Left Shift is dash if you're into that.

Player 2: Arrow keys to move, Right Ctrl and Alt to attack. Right Shift is dash. Godspeed.

"Official" Description:

Pier Pressure is an action-packed, ultra-cool forklift-themed fighting game inspired by some really good pizza. With a diverse cast consisting of Yellow Forklift and Orange Forklift and a whopping one stage to battle on, players can experience true forklift combat without the danger of injury to themselves or others. The revolutionary two-button combat system removes the complexities of "light" and "heavy" attacks and instead creates a simpler game that welcomes newcomers while challenging fighting game veterans. Players that like taking the offensive will enjoy the diverse attack options such as "pop a wheelie" and "inflate front tire" while taking comfort in the fact that there is no blocking or time limit, meaning those pesky defensive players won't pose a threat. Overall, Pier Pressure is a fun game than can be enjoyed by a wide audience.

I made this game in 24 hours by myself during global game jam 2014