A downloadable game for Windows

Controls - Mouse (no keyboard)

Rules -

  1. Try to catch all the pokemon and fill your pokedex!
  2. A pokemon will only be caught if it is at 1 HP. It can be weakened using any move, but super-effective moves will always bring them down to exactly 1 HP.
  3. Pokemon will not faint, so don't be afraid to hit them hard. They also will not attack back.
  4. You can only hold 6 pokemon at a time. Upon catching a new pokemon with a full party, you will be prompted to release one of them.
  5. Have fun!

A silly little game I started making for a Gameboy Jam but never finished. The game is fully playable, I'd just like to polish it a bit more at some point.

I intend to add statistics and stuff, like percentage of moves used that were super-effective, or number of times pokemon were swapped out. I just haven't gotten around to it.

I do not own Pokemon, or any of the character sprites used in this game. Game Freak Inc does. Go buy their new games, Pokemon Sun and Moon. They're pretty good.


micromon.exe 16 MB